Watercolor is one of my primary media in my illustrations. I like to stick to artist quality paints now, but when I first started I used the cheap stuff, and that’s totally okay! Use what you can afford, and what makes you feel comfortable to practice freely.

My favorite watercolor brands are:
• Daniel Smith (by far this company is my favorite!)
• Winsor & Newton
• M.Graham.



Ink is my other primary medium I use in my illustrations. While I usually will use a pen to do the line work and detail, I often like to use a bottle of ink and brush, or even use the ink as a wash.

I mainly use India ink, but I also like some of the acrylic inks.


Copic markers

If you haven’t tried copic markers yet, you need to! I was introduced to Copics just a few years ago and they have become something I just love to sketch with, add shading and detail to my watercolor illustrations, and sometimes use as my primary medium.

They’re awesome, and there really isn’t anything that compares in alcohol-based markers.



I use a lot of different pens for inking my art, but here are some of my favorites (the list will probably change pretty often as I find new ones I love.)

• Fäber-Castell PITT Pens
• Kuretake Calligraphy Pens
• Copic Multi-liners
• Kuretake Zig Brush Pens



I’m a bit crazy when it comes to paper, I like to feel the texture and weight of the paper before I buy it. I get a bit grumpy when paper is wrapped up in plastic and I can’t “feel” if I want to buy it. Haha. Anyway, here’s some that feel great and I love how they work with my supplies.

• Bee Paper Mixed Media for sketch books
• Strathmore Watercolor Paper
• Fluid Cotton Watercolor paper (hot & cold press)


colored pencils

I used mainly oil-based colored pencils in my work, here is a list of my favorites:

• Fäber-Castell Polychromos
• Caran D’Ache Pablo
• Koh-I-Noor Polycolors


I am not sponsored by any of these brands, they are simply my choice of artist supplies that I go to for my work.